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Beatles Songs Facts and Trivias

I am the number one fan of The Beatles! (every Beatle fan claims that).

I have all (most) of their CDs (original ha), their Anthology DVDs (pirated), several VCD of their documentary, their movies (A Hard day’s night, HELP!, Magical Mystery Tour, Yellow Submarine, Let It Be) sige pa, I have their classic Jingle chordbook, I have (2) biography book, A Time magazine special of John Lennon, a Peoples mag version of the Time magazine version (ano raw?heheh) and others… (too many daw to mention)
I wished GMA 7 or ABS-CBN or even ABC-5 buy the rights to air The Beatles Revolution Documentary! Para naman mapanood din ng ibang pinoy yun, Para dumami pa mga fans nila.

Anyway, with all the books I have about The Beatles, di parin ako nagsasawang magbasa ng kung ano anong related sa Beatles.

I have this website, every time I wanted to know some trivia about their songs… but you still have to search for the song… Buti nalang my officemate forwarded this Wikipedia article! Ayus na! Complete list!
Beatles Forever!

4 Responses to “Beatles Songs Facts and Trivias”

  1. ami says:

    i like the Beatles too (it’s hard to find someone who doesn’t), so pwede na rin sabihing fan ako. :) this morning in our Mass Media classwe discussed about the influence of rock on violence at shempre, bida na naman ang Beatles. i wonder why i’m not violent. ;)

  2. orchid says:

    yan.. jan ka magaling:)
    ney bkit ayaw mo itry panibagong blog n puro beatles:))

  3. Elizar says:

    wow, good for you ami! ayus yan! beatles forever! (teka di naman violent ang beatles ah.. ;)

    meron na ney di ko lang na uupdate.. :)

  4. ami says:

    yun na nga e, they mostly sang about lov,e and a bit of politics in the later years. lagi nalang sinisisi ang rock music no? anyway i should digress from this topic. :)

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