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2,000 Job Openings Philippines

Every time I watch the news (Unang Bugso ng Unang Balita), there’s always bad news. Killings, accidents, fire, corruption and many more. But yesterday, I finally heard the good news I’ve been waiting for to benefit the Filipino people!

Metro Manila Development Authority has announced that they have some 2,000 open position for a contractual jobs! Any tambay, i.e. jobless, can apply. The only requirements is that you bring a barangay clearance. Age requirement is 18 to 50 years old. This is with conjunction with the government’s program: “Trabaho, Trabaho
MMDA specially mentioned that even those with criminal records can apply as long as they have the barangay clearance.

This really is a good news! If these guys are me I would buy some furniture on discount furniture stores! Hope everyday we’ll have similar news.

7 Responses to “2,000 Job Openings Philippines”

  1. pam says:

    ahright! kelangan pa ng maraming ganyan! :P

  2. Ams says:

    Hey, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I’m still looking for a job but hopefully I will find something soon. And that is great news. The more people employed, the happier the community. =)

  3. alma says:

    and I hope those tambays will heed the call and go for the job….

  4. Elizar says:

    oo nga mga madams.. yan ang kelangan dito sa pinas..more jobs!

    syempre education din,para mas maganda yung job opportunities dah bah? :-)

  5. joy says:

    good news to ayus! huwag pera ang ipamigay, trabaho!

  6. palaboy says:

    good news indeed. If they produce more work for pinoys kahit na contractual lang yan and open for everyone even tambay at ex con… maganda epekto nito sa bansa natin… isipin mo nalang… ung ibang mga tao dyan nakakaisip gumawa ng masama at ang dahilan nila e dahil sa kahirapan or dahil walang trabaho… ngayon kung mas maraming trabaho there will be fewer crimes… diba? Kahit na puro contractual lang yan… nakakatulong parin… sana mas marami pa sila i offer na jobs for pinoys…

  7. Elizar says:

    right you are… i think by this time, filled up na lahat ng position.. but im still hopeful that there will be another batch just like this.. or not even MMDA.. other branch pa ng government sana…

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