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Thank You SponsoredReviews!

Again… Thank you SponsoredReviews for my second payment today! (wink)

Although wala pa ring tatalo sa Payperpost pagdating sa dami ng opps at sa bayaran… hehehe…

In SponsoredReviews, once you’re a member, you will need to bid for an opp. Unlike PPP where you just grab an opp then create the post then PPP or the advertiser will review what you’ve made and approve or reject it. SponsoredReviews is like PPP Direct. You take and opp, bid for them and wait if the advertiser will accept you bid. Once they did, you can create the post. Ganon ka simple, ganon kadali. :-)

I have Joy to thank for that. She’s the one who told me about it at my Smorty post. (So, she has me to thank for naman sa Smorty, hehehe)

2 Responses to “Thank You SponsoredReviews!”

  1. joy says:

    wow payaman na ng payaman lol!

    post mo total kita mo sa lahat! 3 months ka na di ba hehe. then maglibre ka naman :D

    oist bkit wala na ko sa blogroll mo! pa-add din ng other blog ko, lilsandy.blogspot.com


  2. alma says:

    Good to know you are earning from your blog. Sige, damihan mo pa pay per post at sponsored reviews entries mo para makarami ka rin ng kita. Pag mayaman ka na, manglibre ka naman. :D

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