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Star Struck! Celebrity Rumors!

Where can you find infos or news (well, rumors) about Lindsay Lohan’s birthday beach party, Christina Aguellera’s apparent pregnancy, Matthew McConaughey topless on the beach, Katie Holmes’ influence in one place in less than a minute?

It’s all in CelebrityGossip.com! They got all the news and gossips you’ll ever need. The site is a collection of rumors where you can vote on it and leave comments.
All of the contents, specially celebrity rumors, are taken from reputable sources like Yahoo News, Associated Press, Star Pulse, Pop Sugar, TMZ, MSNBC and others.

Celebrity Gossips not only features Hollywood stars, they also has article on singers, recording artists, rock bands, movie stars, concert events, movie reviews. Like I said, the site has all the Celebrity News you’ll ever need! Ever!

2 Responses to “Star Struck! Celebrity Rumors!”

  1. ann says:

    Hello eli! Pati ba ito eh paid post din?

  2. Elizar says:

    opo, pad post din to.. pero tunay yung website nila.. check ko muna din before posting eh.. puro tsismis nga! :)

    may ‘sponsored post’ naman ako sa una eh, para pwede i-skip ng mga visitors.. :)

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