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Last June 20 bought myself another book. This time not by Stephen King but Mr. Francisco J. Colayco.

It’s a money-management book of some sort. The book is a sequel from his first book seller ‘Pera Mo, Palaguin Mo’. This second book, ‘Making Your Money Work’ is a perfect continuation from the first one.

The second book explains to you the different kinds of investment at your disposal. It show which investments have the lowest risks and those that have high risks! Funds, GS and T-Bills/Bonds have lower risks compared to stocks.

Of course, the higher the risks the more money you’ll get from your investments.

If you ask me where I would put my hard earned savings, I’d say I’ll put in in a T-Bill of some sort just to be safe. But if you wanted to put your money to stocks and trade them, you get help preparing your options strategy. Specially if you’re clueless on trading stocks and all.

OEX online is one of those company that will help you with that and will give you advise on what moves to make. They will actually teach you how to invest in the stock market.
Checking their website alone will give you tips on how to do trade.

Go ahead and check their site and learn something. You might like their services!


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