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Let There Be Light!

This week the Manila Railroad and Electric Company (MERALCO), Philippines’ largest electricity supplier, is scheduled to visit my mom’s apartment. Once the inspection is done, then it’s time to power up! They will be installing the meter or something like that. Cause right now, there are no electricity in the apartment.

We’ll move in once it’s done.

We practically moved all the things we need from my mom’s house to the our new apartment room. We have our sala/sofa set, our fridge is there, the plates, dining set, entertainment tv set. We even had the kitchen cabinet custom made. The only thing that’s not there is the bed where we’re sleeping now and the kids bedding.

Now that I mentioned it, I may need to put in a line voltage under cabinet light. So we can grab a glass of water in the middle of the night without turning on the kitchen light. Plus it looks good.

At shoppremier, there’s a wide variety of under cabinet lights to choose from. I checked their website and found it hard to pick one. But eventually I choose this:

It’s style is not that long for our cabinet. Just right. Plus the sleek design makes it perfect for the kitchen. And the dark color of it blends with the rest of the furniture at home. (The whole aparment is actually themed brown. The sofa, the entertainment set are all wood brown).

I’s sure its bright enough for a dark, middle of the night room with its 2 lights.

Browsing still, I found this gorgeous lamp that is perfect for the brown-themed room!

There is really tons of home lighting that is available for your home in shoppremier. Go check them out.

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