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Nice To Have Home Decor

Here’s some other cool stuff for our apartment. I found these while doing some blog assignments. :-)

The first one is from Nearly Natural.

The sell plastic trees and plastic plants. Silk Trees is one pretty example.
It is a little plastic trees that fits perfectly on any corner of the house. Very low maintenance. No need to water (need to dust of course) but overall this home decor has become so common for every household.

Another thing is the sofa. I posted here some time ago that we bought a nice looking brown sofa a few days back, and when I checked the site about furnitures, Century furniture to be exact, i found our (look like) sofa on the front page! Check them out here.

Baby bed for my baby Matthew? And while we’re at it, kids beddings? Sure! Sure!

Last one are cool looking address plaque! I’m sure everyone will notice our address once it’s up there. :-) Here’s a sample

Cool eh?

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