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Money and Wealth

Last June 20, I bought a book about Money, the one written by Mr. Francisco Colayco. It’s his 2nd book or a sequel from his first one – Pera Mo Palaguin Mo! – also known as ‘Wealth’.

My office mate had that book and I told him I saw another book just like that, which is the ‘book 2: Money’ (Pera mo palaguin mo 2). Told him I’ll buy the second hand then we can exchange after we finished reading our own. He agreed, hence my new book.

The book was very easy to read. May mga tagalog translation kasi, hehehe. It’s actually so enjoyable, I finished it in 2 days… or should I say 2 commute days.

Book 2 talks about how to invest your money. Those hard earned money that you saved. Like I said book 2 is the sequel since book 1 talks about how to save money (or so my office mate said).
Book 2 talks about passive income, passive entrepreneurship. It talks about bonds and funds and bank certificates and all other stuff. With continuous flow of passive income, you could probably afford a Condo Hotels. And just like Robert Kiyosaki’s ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’, it also mentioned investments in real estate. Since I mentioned real estate, beaufort nc real estate is also a good choice!
Right now, I’m somewhere in the middle of book 1. Will let you know how it end up. :-) But, I tell you, it’s a real good good book!

2 Responses to “Money and Wealth”

  1. malaya says:

    it’s a good book. Colayco’s idea is simple yet very true.

  2. Ma. Rosario C. Robles says:

    Please let me know where can I purchase your book. I really want to have a copy. I have a store right now and want to gain more knowledge on running a business. Thanks!

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