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Alaska Cruise

That’s what the active, workaholic people like us need – vacation!Most of you probably would like to be in a tropical island, enjoying the sand, the food and the waves! You’ll probably go to Hawaii or the Caribbeans. Some of you might want a trip to Europe or some place nice.

Though I would certainly enjoyed those dream vacations, one cool thing that I’m thinking right now is an Alaska cruise vacation!

Why you might ask?! What’s there to see? What’s there to do?

I say you’ll be surprise! Though I haven’t been there, here’s some reasons for someone who’s actually been there for a vacation:

  • Sight seeing on mountain glaciers
  • Chance to witness nature up close or from a distance.
  • Since it’s a cruise, you’ll be treated as a VIP with superb meals, accommodation, transportation, and the option of choosing the activities and events that you wish to participate in.
  • See huge sky-blue icebergs, killer whales, lumbering moose, rainforest fjords, grizzly bears, bald eagles, ice fields.
  • Visit towns and meet people who represent the frontier spirit of Alaska

I’m sure there are lots more! So the next time you plan to make a vacation, consider an Alaska cruise vacation!

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  1. Monica says:

    Wow. Alaska cruise. That’s something new, I guess.^_^

    Have you heard of the TV series, Men On Trees? It’s setting is in Alaska. It’s quite a nice show and most things I know about Alaska, I got from watching it.^_^

    Have a blast with the trip!

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