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Yucky Everything Eli on IE

I just found out that this new layout for Everything-Eli.com looks very bad on Internet Explorer!
To all Internet Explorer, I’m really really sorry if the site may have scare you away. I’ve been using Firefox exclusively for several years now. (I hope you too. :)

Statistics says that there is a certain 7.7% verified Microsoft Internet Explorer users on this blog. And an 8.1% Firefox users.

Browser Hits
unknown.png Unknown 152457 80.3 %
firefox.png Firefox 15530 8.1 %
msie.png MS Internet Explorer 14737 7.7 %

Now my concern is the ‘Unknown’ part. Sana super liit lang na percentage ang IE users! Please please.

I’ll try to fix this layout for IE users. If I can’t, all of you switch to firefox or anything else except IE. :-)

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