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Everything Pictures :: New Layout

So much free time! With the PayPerPost suspension thing… :-)So much free time, I was able to search for new layout on this blog. Asked my photoshop-master office mate to edit the header for me and wah-lah! New theme! He made it without draft. Neither using pens, pencils nor paper!
The header picture is one of my favorite picture with Matthew.

Matthew Outside
Lois took this picture one early morning outside the house. Matt and I were counting passing trucks then. :-)I am actually planning to have that print out. Still, Eli = procrastinate. :)Here’s some more of my father-son pictures… that will (eventually) be printed.. :)first jollibee experience

This is taken from Cubao in a Jollibee store. We are returning to our apartment (then) in Cabuyao, Laguna.I remember Lois was the one who ordered and I waited, thus the feeding. Feel na feel pagka tatay ko this instant. :)This is Matt’s first ride in a carousel… Me too! :)

Matt Eli Carousel
And of course the ipod pictures… still some of my favorites…

Elizar Matthew Ipod Elizar Matthew Ipod Elizar Matthew Ipod

I just opened my photobucket account and some pictures on my PC, dami pala.. :-)Anyway, papa-print ko pa rin yun. :)Cool layout is it not? :-)Medyo mabagal lang mag load.. :(Orig Post Date June 26. orig post doesn’t display

5 Responses to “Everything Pictures :: New Layout”

  1. marhgil says:

    ayos, ganda ng bagong lay-out! :D

  2. MeL says:

    Red and black layyie.. ang fierce ng dating. :) Cutie cutie talaga ni Matt! :)

  3. Pao says:

    yup, definitely a nice looking new layout. :)

  4. marie says:

    I like the combination of colors in this layout of yours and the header is a touching view of you and your little boy.
    BTW, thanks for the peep.:)

  5. aMgiNe says:

    love the new lay out. very cool ;)

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