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Everything :: Suspended

Like I mention to my response to Mel’s meme, I got suspended from PPP starting that day for a week!

And some of my friends asked how? I put a comment there that I will re-post here, kasi naman ang haba, kaya gawin ko ng post.. hehehe..

ganito kasi yan mga kasama… I read it somewhere na unahan lang yung mga opps sa PPP. Pag naunahan ka, mag grey out na sya.So, what we should do apparently is do a draft post that satisfies yung opp. Then submit! Para bang na-reserved na syo yung opp, para mabalikan mo ulit or pag na review nila, ipapa edit nila sayo.But in my case, after kong i-grap yung opp with my draft post, na-review yata nila, kasi nag email si Jilian.Advise ko lang, read daw the TOS (terms of service)…

“I am suspending your account for 1 week…. I suggest you read over the Terms of Service during the next week and use extreme caution upon returning to PayPerPost as any additional violations will result in permanent banning from PayPerPost’s Marketplace and PayPerPost Direct. ” — Jillian

So for those of you guys who do PPP, please my friends, take extra care of your post. The ‘Holding’ and the ‘truncating’ are the ones that got me suspended plus the disclaimer that the post is sponsored should also be there. Best tip, read the Term Of Service (TOS).
Good luck!

6 Responses to “Everything :: Suspended”

  1. francesca says:

    OH DEAR! good you mentioned it here. I was approved of ppp , and still do not do anythng about it and they kept me emails to do some opps but dont have time.

    GANUN pala yun, agawan?

    Pero masaya ha, may thrill!

    besides, what is one week suspension, pag busy ka eli(ke mat) tyak, one hour na lang sa u ang one week!

  2. sasha says:

    Kapitbahay, anong truncating? Sorry clueless ako hehehe… Naku, gawain kong wag muna lagyan yung post ko kapag naka-grab ng opp hahahah… pero bago naman nila ma-review I make sure may laman na. I read naman sa FAQs nila na after grabbing a post, we have around 6 hours to do the post. Tapos, it normally takes them around 48-72 hours before they can review it. So I figured marami pang chance to do the post :)

    Explain further please :D

  3. joy says:

    ganun? naku ginagaya pa naman kita, minsan kasi nakita ko link lang ang laman ng post mo eh. wahahaha bawal pala yun. thanks for the heads up!

  4. MeL says:

    Ah kaya pala. Hmm,ok lang yun suspension siguro para makapagpahinga ka na muna for one week. Kay Matt mo na lang muna ibaling yung time mo. :)

    Thanks sa warning. I’ll be extra careful na rin sa pag-take ng opps.

  5. tina says:

    wew. na suspend ka pala? ako naman na suspend ako sa wordpress. muwahaha. dahil dyan sa ppp.

  6. SexyMom says:

    i got approved for PPP last may, but until now i still do not know what to do. HELP!

    thanks for your tip, might come useful in future, when i know how to do PPP.

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