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It may not show when you first look at me, but I do have hands that is handy for house work… Sometimes.

With our apartment almost finish, I certainly did some of the DIY projects. One of which is featured on one of my post, about assembling a bookshelf. (The one where I got the splinters). I could also do the bathroom faucets but i think I’ll leave that to the pros. :-)
We bought that shelf from one of the shopping malls near here. I insisted that they just deliver that because I was thinking of doing the assembling myself.

All you have to do there is to prepare the tools, lay down the woods and screws and, the most important part, follow directions. There is a supplied drawing on how to assemble the bookshelf, so follow it with your heart.
That’s one easy job. Other DIY projects that I’m sure you’ve also done yourself could be putting up wallpapers or painting your fence, or laying down tiles for your door or shingles for you roof.

Those I mention, though all DIY activity may require some help from professionals.

One google on the DYI keywords will give you all the help that you need. Go ahead and try it! One such website is here. Go check it out

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