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Shift 3’s Get Away!

I’ve been off line for almost 2 days! That’s not normal!

I am usually on-line everyday for at least 12 hours! But like I said, there’s no internet connection for me since (very) early morning yesterday. I just got back online just now. After checking my email, I immediately head over to PPP. :-) Addict! :)

Anyway, Shift 3 had it’s first group outing/gimmick yesterday! We rented a private pool somewhere in Pansol, Laguna. That was swimming time! As helpful as they are during office hour, time to get those contact lenses out of the way! :)
Pictures? Sige, hingi ako copy sa mga office mates. Bad trip camera ni Nel eh, low bat. :-)

One Response to “Shift 3’s Get Away!”

  1. paulette says:

    Too bad you got your contact lenses away.I bet you enjoyed your vacation. Next time dont forget to bring a spare batteries for getaways.

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