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House’s Extra Room: The Garage

I could take a picture of our garage and on an instant you’ll know my problem. And I know that I’m not the only one with this kind of garage.

Ours is a mess!

A garage is where we store our car. That’s the primary use of it. We could also use it as storage for car spare parts, spare wheels, screws, tools or things that we may no longer need from the house.

At first these things will take up a small space but overtime this will become unmanageable and before you know it, all hell’s broke loose!

Messy Garage
If yours looks like that one, don’t despair yet. People like us are so fortunate to have companies like Car Guy Garage that offers equipment for garage organization, you can also buy body shop supplies.They have all sorts of cabinets, equipments and other devices to make your pest-infested looking garage to a nice homey room.

In our case here are some that I will definitely need to restore the wasted space of our garage.

storage cabinet
Garage Storage Cabinet

This fine looking cabinet is perfect for storing loose screws, spare parts, springs, jacks and other equipment that are left on some corner floor of the garage.

Another handy help that would save space and will make the garage more safe is this:

metal tag board
Metal Tagboard

This if perfect for putting often used tools such as wrenches, pliers, long nose, saw and others.

With these garage organization equipments, your garage will be like having an extra room for your house.

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