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Eli’s Bookshelf

Matthew, Lois and I went to SM Fairview to day.

She bought the thing where we put plates in and drinking glass, some grocery and cleaning stuff for the apartment. Like I always tell her, apartment today, luxury home tomorrow! How? I bought a book about getting rich! It’s more of a savings-and-starting-your-own-business kind of book. My savings plus this blog money will eventually be made into a business capital. What business? Don’t know yet. It’ll come.

We also bought a small bookshelf for my book collections. We assembled it ourselves and boy do my hands ache right know. Splinters! It’s start to pack all the books up! Will transfer it to their new shelf! :-) I love packaging books! Going to need lots of boxes and cartons!

We’re still getting ready to move to our apartment.

Wala ngang pictures eh, tatamad mag upload.. :) will edit this post to include ’em.

3 Responses to “Eli’s Bookshelf”

  1. ann says:

    Nakaka excite talaga ang maglipat. Ang sarap mamili ng mga bagong gamit lalo na kung maraming pambili…hehehe. Nag pa bless na ba?

  2. Avy says:

    will be waiting for the pictures.. :)

  3. tina says:

    aww bookshelf. i need another one. nalulunod na ako sa room ko. haha. anyway.. good luck sa future business.. kung ano man yun.

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