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You’re Fired!

Here’s the situation: You’re a CIA agent, one of the best spy the government has, then one day you received a letter of dismissal.

You’re lost and confused. How could the government fired you while doing an excellent job?

Looking back on previous assignments, you find some possible reasons:

  • It could be after the doing a bust operation in Cuba where your path crossed with one of the big men in the their government.
  • Busted a illegal drug syndicates that involves US high officilas
  • Found out about a secret illegal project being done by the Department of Defense ; or
  • Or the Secretary of Defense found out about that one-time, spur of the moment kiss with his wife

You’re really not sure.

That same situation will happen to Michael Westen (Jeffrey Donovan). He gets a “Burn Notice” while on assignment. He doesn’t know the reason and he intends to find out.

If you want find out for yourself check out USA Network’s Burn Notice in https://www.usanetwork.com/series/burnnotice

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