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Another TV Series To Watch Out For!

I got excited with my post below about USA Network’s Burn Notice that I have to post another one!

From the teaser video on the website, I can feel that this is going to be one great TV series with lots of action and excitement!

Burn Out is about a CSI agent who’s been taken out of service for an unknown reason. His identity was taken, bank account frozen with nothing to do but to survive on his own in a place he don’t know, in a place where he know nobody.

What would you do if you were stranded in an unknown city with no money or resources?

I will definitely do all that I can to survive. I will look for a job that suits me well. Whatever talents that I have will be used for me to survive. Who knows there could be some extra skills I have but didn’t know.

Watch out for Burn Out, and see how Michael Weston, a CIA Operative on USA Network’s new TV series, Burn Notice, will show us how he deals with a similar situation.

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  1. tina says:

    wow. may bago na naman akong pwedeng masubaybayan. hehe

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