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Virtual Calling Cards

Here’s one great innovation for those longing to keep in touch with their love ones overseas! Pingo’s global brand of virtual calling cards will surely benefits all filipino cellphone users, specially with Pingo’s amazing low rates!

Pingo can be used to call the U.S. and other selected countries. They have cheap international phone card and I’m sure with this post spreading around the blogosphere, they will learn about Pingo and save hundreds of Pesos/Dollars in overseas calls.

With Pingo’s promo, every new sign ups will receive $5 in FREE Calls! A new member will also be getting 4 hours of free international calls!

Neat stuff eh?

Other amazing offers that Pingo gives to members is the affiliate programs wherein the members will be paid $15 for every new referral! That’s giving you extra money and a superb calling service!

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