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Instant Credit Card

This is not a paid post… hehehe

Weird thing happened today. I got my first ever credit card from …. not sure if I should mention it here … but it’s true, it’s real!

They delivered it here sa office. So that’s why I got a letter from that bank at home the other day saying that I my application was approved.

The funny this is, I have some officemates before (even myself) who applied for one, those Windows and Network Systems Admins, those supervisors, pero denied sila, samantalang ako, ni walang kahit anong requirements na pinadala, hehehe, delivered pala talaga sa office pa yung credit card.

Bank companies may also do the same but im not sure.. either way Ayus! :)

2 Responses to “Instant Credit Card”

  1. Junelle says:

    Di ko nga alam anong basis ng mga credit card companies na yan eh. May mga officemate ako na mas mababa ang sweldo kesa sa akin pero credit limit nila mas mataas. Sa akin 16,000 lang sa kanila 42,000 … imagine …

  2. Elizar says:

    exactly! ako man nauguluhan eh.. ano kaya?

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