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Cai’s Questions

Nagmakaawa akong interview-hin ni Cai of Pink Urinal… And she was so nice to grant my wish…

This was intended for https://www.pinoybanda.com, but hey, he’s not available kaya ako na lang.. hehehe

Here are Cai’s questions….

1. What are the differences of PinoyBanda and Eli?

Pinoybanda.com was a concept website a sometime early last year, back when I was still working and living Laguna (nasa Bulacan and working here in Makati). Feeling ko kasi nun Philippines’ local band scene is doing great! I was thinking then that maybe I can get some free concert tickets in one of their shows. :-)

Lahat sila sikat and I wanted to have a site tungkol sa kanila. And I am a fan of a number of filipino bands. The problem was, I don’t know how to create a database driven website… I still don’t know wordpress or blogger back then (believe it! :) .. That’s why my first attempt at blogging, mano-a-mano.

2. From where does your inclination to music came from?

Most probably from my father. He’s a big Eddie Perigrina fan. Pati Victor Wood syempre.. :-) The earliest memory of me with music is with me listening to my father’s collection of Air Supply tapes.

Then in high school, during the Eraserheads, Yano, Rivermaya era (fan nila ko syempre), a friend introduce me to The Beatles. Mas nahilig ako sa music then. Even tried playing the guitar, keyboards and drums.

3. Do you have your own band? Will you pursue having one and take it to the next level?

Having my own band is still a dream to me. Kung magkakaron ng group ok lang, kung wala ok lang din. But playing in a group is still a passion.

4. What are the things that you are proud of?

I am proud of what I have now, what I am now. Me as a family man – a father and a husband.

5. Do you consider yourself a problogger and one of the ‘elite’ circle of Pinoy bloggers?

Geez, no. I am not in any level a problogger. I just put stuff here that I want to go back someday when my hair is grey… (but lately puro paid post ang laman .. hehehehe )

Alright! thanks for reading hanggang dito.. hehehe, and to continue the cycle……….

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  1. pam says:

    ayun pala ang history ng pinoybanda. yeah! haha!

    happy father’s day po pala! ^^ take care!

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