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Free Coloring Pages

The Doll Palace website has a new section called the “Coloring Pages”. This is a wonderful site for your little girl (or boy). They can have lots of fun time coloring pictures!

Coloring pages lets you use the color palette to color that picture. There are plenty of Free Coloring Pages full of pictures from The Doll Palace. Your child would be occupied for hours with smiles on their faces.

Another good thing about this website is that you can actually create your own picture for your daughter (or son) and have it uploaded to the site. Your child can then color the picture of whatever her heart desire or share the URL with your friends so their child can do what your little girl is doing happily.

Your child will be presented with an outline drawing like so,

After she’s done, the finished drawing may look like this (or course it will certainly vary depending on the child’s creativity)

If you familiar with ‘filling’ up a shape with color on Microsoft Paint, you should know that the picture outline must be closed on the drawing or else the finished drawing will not look as expected.Create an account now and let your child start the joy of coloring. Free registration!

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