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Salcedo Saturday Market

I saw some television feature about this infamous Salcedo Saturday Market a few times for the last few years. I was never interested then.

But this morning, I was there.

In the Makati Business Center District is the Salcedo Park (realtor’s heaven) , every Saturday (and apparently Sunday too, I was told), there is a free for all entrepreneurs in the park. Different vendors take over part of the park to sell all their stuff and specialty items.

This property, the park, I’m sure is very expensive piece of land. I wonder if that is really free though. Maybe the association pay a little something on the Makati Government. The location in normal week day is a park, where people come and exercise (not using exercise equipment of course) and jog (no treadmills though)

The ‘market’ was started by several neighborhood residents in nearby apartment buildings with an objective of giving the neighbors a reason to get out and see each other while satisfying their craving for fresh produce, native specialties and homemade delicacies from the best households in the metropolis.

Everything you can see in a typical market place can be found at the Salcedo Market. Food, plants, vegis, bakery products, grilled fish, lechons and others. It’s like one super feast!

Will check out the park again tomorrow to see if it is indeed a Salcedo Saturday and Sunday Market. :-)

Check pictures of previous Salcedo Market.. here and here….

Anyway, completely irrelevant… Gonna buy myself a Fantastic Four VCD from SM Cinema

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  1. tina says:

    that’s a very great idea… nag socialize na sila.. may kita pa!

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