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Fantastic Four at SM Cinemas

We went to see the sequel movie of the Fantatic Four in one of the SM Cinema here in Bulacan.

fantastic four movie poster

I was never a fan of the Fantastic Four even during the first one. I just want to see quality of it and the FX the movie is using. But overall, I think that it’s a good one to see for the kids and the rest of the family.

With that, I took Matthew, Lois and my nephew Clark, to see the picture. I can say that we all enjoyed it. Even Matthew is behaved for a 1 year old baby in the cinema. (kahit paminsan minsan sumisigaw hehehe).

Dr. Vicent Van Doom is still in the movie and of course the Silver Surfer. You may think that Dr. Doom is the main antagonist in the movie but it’s not. Believe it or not the Fantastic Four needs to save planet earth from Silver Surfer. (That’s why it’s ‘The Rise of the Silver Surfer’ not of Dr. Doom… :-)

After the movie, we went to the appliance center and bought a DVD player (that can play Divx), a gas stove and a .80H air conditioner for the computer shop. Super init sa shop sa tanghali, kawawa naman yung mga bata, di na kinakaya ng electric fan.

Problem with Starex on our way home. It wont start. D*mn battery!
Trivias.. Did you know that…

  • Fantastic Four first appearance in comics was in 1961
  • The Hulk (aka Mr. Fixit), Spider-Man, Wolverine, and Ghost Rider – served as a complete team replacement in Fantastic Four in o

Reference for Trivias:

3 Responses to “Fantastic Four at SM Cinemas”

  1. Avy says:

    Hmm, Surfer’s not supposed to be a bad guy. I hafta watch this.

  2. tina says:

    hmm nakalimutan ko na ang first. ill watch this one day. hehe

  3. Elizar says:

    you better go see the movie avy for you to know..

    Hi Tina! yungfirst is kung pano nagkaron ng powers and tungkol kay DOom!

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