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Matthew’s First Attended Bday Party

Matthew and Lois (and the rest of my family) attended a birthday party of my nephew, dated June 11.

matthew jollibee dennis kim
Jollibee Trivia:

  • The original name before Jollibee was Jolibe.
Left Above is Matthew, Nanay and Jollibe, right: our youngest bro and Matt’s pinsan Kim
jollibee matthew smile hello jollibee
Jollibee Trivia:

  • Jolibe was a Magnolia Ice Cream parlor at Cubao started 1975
Left Above Matthew smiling at camera. Right: Matthew greeting Jollibee good day! :-)
pointing jollibee Tita Maricone Matthew
Jollibee Trivia:

  • Consultant Lumba shifted the business focus from ice cream to hamburgers
Left: Matthew points at dacing Jollibee. Right: Tita Econ And Matt

As you can see, wala ako at si Nel (my bro next to me)… I was still asleep, kasi nga may pasok pa ko ng gabing to. Si Nel naman, lumuwas na… Work agad after New York.

There! Medyo mahirap pala gawing tong post na to.. hehehe may trivia pa.. Pero enjoy! Na-post ko na picture ni Matthew, may natutunan pako… Ikaw? Sana meron din.. hehehe..

Eto pa last…

Other Jollibee Trivia:

  • Lumba next re-formed the name Jolibe to Jolly Bee and made the two words form a single name Jollibee, but changed the “y” to an “i”

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 Jollibee on Wikipedia

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  1. pam says:

    sosyal na bata! hehe! ang cute cute naman kuya! take care! :D

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