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Little Laugh Is Good For You

My brother just arrived from New York last Friday, June 8. Though this is a paid post, he will kill me if he finds out about this. :-)

He has always been insecure with some, or a certain physical feature… Please don’t ask me what. We always have a laugh every time we talk about it and he will kid about him having some sort of a surgery just to improve it.

For the past 3 months while he was there (NY), I joke around saying that it’s his chance! There’s the Maryland plastic surgery, which I believe is somewhere near New York or he could find some place nearer. We always have a good talk after. He’s such a nice person… :-)

Anyway, now that he’s back, the old pun is still there.

Speaking about operations involving body parts, there are lots of plastic surgery articles out there on the internet that can be very helpful for someone who’s planning to undergo one. Aside from formal articles there are also tons of plastic surgery blog that talks about that very same topic. All you have to do is to search keenly and you’ll find what you’re looking for. Cosmetic surgery blog mayhap be another term for plastic surgery blog but it’s still the same… wonder if they’re using mineral makeup?

One such example of a plastic surgery blog is https://plasticsurgeryinbeverlyhills.blogspot.com/ located somewhere in Beverly Hills California. A took a look at the content of the blog and I can say that it has information on the said topic. Aside from article posts, there are external links that can point you to other cosmetic surgery blog or their offices.

So the next time you, or someone you know plans to have such operation, there are lot’s of website and blogs out there that can help you. Remember though that these sites are for you reference and that the final decision is still in your hands.

4 Responses to “Little Laugh Is Good For You”

  1. SexyMom says:

    who knows, he might take this seriously and get that needed aesthetic surgery.

  2. CAi says:

    Ayun oh.. kahit kapatid.. haha :)

  3. Allen says:

    Haha Natuwa ako, narelate mo ung sponsored post tapos ung daily experiences mo. But if you think about it, it’s a good idea. It makes the post more personal than an ad. Nice work!

  4. Elizar says:

    nyahahaha! Oo nga eh, ok ba? Thanks sa comment Allen..

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