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24 Season 6 and Ally McBeal’s Friend

Nope, I’m still in my season 5 of 24 and I am not in a hurry to finish it. I was told that Season 6 is almost over. So I think I’ll wait till season 6 is done when I start watching it. So it’ll be from start to finish.

Anyway, just want to mention John Cage. You know him? No? Of course you do! You know Ally McBeal? If you do, you should know John Cage. :-)

Ally McBeal was one of my favorite TV show back then. It’s Dennis’ (my youngest bro) favorite show too (hmm.. maybe that’s why he took up Law?)

John Cage is Peter MacNicol in real life. He’s character is a goofy, weird attorney (but he is darn good one!)

Ally McBeal, John and the other gang are San Diego business lawyers, or somewhere. Nice show. Very Funny!

It’s been a while since I last saw Peter MacNicol, but last night, while, like I mentioned, watching Season 5 or 24, one of my friend was watching Season 6 and there I saw John Cage! errr Peter MacNicol! Weird to see him in an action TV show… He’s still more of a goofy, funny cute lawyer to me! :-)

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  1. aMgiNe says:

    hey im a big fan of ally mcbeal as well. ;)

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