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Extreme Makeover

Heroes, Lost, Prison Break, Smallville and Grey’s Anatomy are right now, on the list of my favorite TV show. The latest addition is, of course 24.

Currently, in my continuous effort to catch up with my fellow officemates, I think I’m in season 5 episode 12. Right after this post, I’ll continue watching it.. :-)

My wife Lois, though, has a different taste with regards to TV shows. She likes showbiz talk shows. She also digs Imbestigador, Jessica Soho, and her all time tuesday favorite, Extreme Makeover.

Not sure why she likes it. She hates blood and anything related to it, which means operation and plastic surgeons.

The show feature individual that has no self-confidence, or those who has special love request. Every episode they do things to these people that make them more good looking. From pedicure to liposuction to the things that plastic surgeons do.

I still wonder why she’s watching that show. She probably thinking of doing some makeover herself. For me, she’s perfect the way she is now.

Nabasa mo ba yun ney? :-)

5 Responses to “Extreme Makeover”

  1. tresebry says:

    ang hilig mo sa mga TV shows! haha! buti ka pa! ako kasi di na nakakanood ng tv! haha! ;p

    buti di kayo nagaaway ng wife mo sa tv. haha. :D

  2. Tikey says:

    Ako din mahilig manood nung mga make over, but it doesnt mean na gusto ko din mag pa make over, minsan kc ang sarap lang nung feeling na nakakapanood ng ganun. nag gegain sila ng confidence kc naayos na ung mukha nila.

    ibang usapan nman ung mga maganda na tapos lalo pang nag papaganda, tuloy lalong napanget. heheh

  3. francesca says:

    eli, maganda nga si “ney” mo, haha. I wonder what is she doing with you sa ganda niyang yan! joke joke joke!

    but eli, you really landed well wth her!

    gwapo pa rin mat!

  4. lois says:

    ano ba nakain mo kagabi?? heheh
    loveu na nga.. tenchu!

  5. Elizar says:

    hello! papa bry, di naman kami nag aagawan sa Tv.. sya yun, ako mga downloaded sa internet eh. hehehe sa PC ko na pinapanood.. ;)

    oh nga, lhee, pumapangit pa lalo yung nagpapaganda pa.. ney.. tama na.. :)

    maganda na ba sya ms. francesca?, naku magkakasundo kayo nyan.. :)
    saka sya ang swerte sakin.. heheh, nagayuma ako eh.. :)

    Ney, ditto.

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