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Personal Journal No More?!

What happened to the old way that I blog?

I used to put stuff here about me and my family (I still do) and the things that interests me (which I still do too). Kaya lang lately medyo dumadami ulit mga commercial post. Lalo ngayon may second link assignment ako sa Blog to Profit (B2P).

I’m concern with my fellow blogmates. They might not come here to visit me anymore because of these product/services/website endorsing post that dominates my blog.

I put appropriate tag on such posts like ‘blog money’, ‘smorty’, ‘p9yperp0st’, ‘blog to profit’ and others so that the post can be easily identified as commercial and so they may or may not read it and check out the next post.

Pero kahit na ganong yung mga post ko, as much as possible ulit, I always tried to associate it with my personal experiences para may konting touch pa rin ni Eli.

So, salamat ulit sa pagbisita.

5 Responses to “Personal Journal No More?!”

  1. Cai says:

    Naku Eli! Same here! Dati nung puro surgeries at liposuctions ang laman ng blog ko, nagalala ako kasi baka gusto na kong patayin ng mga kablogero natin! Pero un nga ang challenge don, you get to monetize your blog without making your blog look like a bulletin/ads board.

    Cheers for more posts to come and more money too.. ^-^

  2. abi says:

    wag ka mag-aalala eli sa ko sa avid fan ng blog mo.. kaya kahit ano isulat mo babasahin ko pa din.. hehehe… :) thank you nga pala sa mga comments mo sa blog ko… talaga naa-appreciate ko. sige tama na ‘tong drama ko (bwahaha.. :D )

  3. Pao says:

    yeah, i tend to veer away from the blog if i see that it’s a sponsored/commercial post. reading blogs is just like watching tv. sometimes nakaka-inis kapag masyadong maraming commercials. hehehe! :)

  4. marhgil says:

    gumagamit din ako ng blogtoprofit. pero nakabasa ka na ba ng tungkol sa plastic surgery, etc sa blog ko? and yes, they are paying me :D read my latest blog post on how I do a work around with B2P :D

  5. plastic sugery says:

    we all need to put food on the table. I wouldnt be so strained because of that. Just keept doing what suits you best.

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