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Beach Cruisers

Nice name is it not? Beach cruiser bikes. Sounds like a very cool vehicle that patrols the beach, right?

Well, it’s not (though you may find it on beaches) and is it one cool bike nevertheless. These bikes are not for racing. Beach cruisers are simple bicycles usually with just one speed.

I’m sure we Filipinos are very much familiar with these types of bicycles. They are the one children us for fun. They usually ride with their friends around the neighborhood and having some chat.

Before I found out about this site, I always thought that these kinds of bikes can only be found here in the Philippines… One of those ‘only in the Philippines’ stuffs. Apparently it’s not.

XyzBikes.com is an Internet based start up manufacturing and selling beach cruiser bicycles. They sell them online to customers mostly in California, but they also have many customers in all 50 states. And with this blog post, maybe they can deliver here as well.. ;-)

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