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Baby You’re A Rich Man

Who would not want to be rich? Tell a one soul who doesn’t and I will tell a thousand or more who want to.

But how does one get very rich like Bill Gates or George Lindemann or Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah of Brunei?

The definition of rich varies from one person to another. For one, being rich is when you can buy all those things that you want, when you can go to any place you can go. Simply put, to have anything you want. For others, being rich is when you’re not in burden of paying debt or not having debt at all is more precise. Being rich to these people are having a food on a plate, that they eat 3 times a day, have nice place to live, have descent clothes, can provide to himself or his family. Again simply put, has not much more to ask for but a simple life.

Now to attain that status, applicable to both type of persons, they must do one thing…. Make money work for you, not you working for money.

One simple sentence but may take a little longer to discuss. We’ll elaborate soon.

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