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Flying Ambulance

There’s a service that’s been out there since 1984 and I bet you havent’ heard about it! Well, for me, it’s the first time… Flying ambulance! Or in it’s well-known term – Air Ambulance.

Now what is Air Ambulance? What are their services? Primarily, they provide safe and expert care around the world with primary office, or should we say dispatch on Florida.

Main services includes:

– Consultation with attending Physician
– Pick up patient from bed to home.
– Transport to the aircraft
– Take off to a smooth safe trip
– Land on the designated airstrip
– Transport patient to receiving bedsite

Air Ambulance takes you love one home safe and sound just like a regular ambulance except it’s faster and safer. They transport patients with Flight nurses and Flight Paramedics onboard an air ambulance with state of the art medical equipment.

Though their dispatch is located in Florida, they have office all over the State. They have office in Arizona, California and New York, they even have air ambulance pennsylvania, Texas and Hawaii. Great huh?

So it’s one of those local one of a kind companies that offer dometic as well as international services.

With more than 21 years experience you can rest assured that they have the most competent staff and have the most advance facilities, the main of which are aircraft and medical apparatus.

For aircraft, it include Lear Jets 55, 36, 35, and 25, Turbo Props and Twin engine planes. All Aircraft are licensed by the FAA (part 135), Air Ambulance Certified.

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