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How To Lay Down A Linoleum

Don’t ask me. I have no idea.

We bought the linoleum today in Sta. Maria, a place 30 mins away from Norzagaray. Anyway, it’s brown colored with wood parquet design. It supposed to blend in with the couch we bought the other day.

Lois and I manage to put it all by ourselves… Too bad we have no picture, it’s perfect… NOT.

Anyway ulit, tomorrow is supposed to be the delivery date, we’ll have the picture taken then… But until then… time to sleep! Bukas uli! ;)

5 Responses to “How To Lay Down A Linoleum”

  1. dangkin says:

    ang alam ko, just lay it down and tsarannnn…. covered na ang sahig nyo! :P

  2. Elizar says:

    hehehe, di nga eh.. puro bubbles.. :)

  3. tina says:

    pano ba yan? hehe ang may alam nyan tito ko. eheh

  4. pam says:

    naku naman, na-igno ako. hehe. ano yun? lol. take care!

  5. ann says:

    Di talaga maiiwasan ang bubbles nyan lalo kung di pantay yung floor, mawawala rin yan pag laging naaapakan…hehehe.

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