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Surveillance Cameras: For Fun and For Security

My brother has this neat gadget at home he bought at ebay. It’s a wireless surveillance camera!

That package contains 4 wireless camera and an interface card that is installed in a computer. We set it up and configured it and it was a lot of fun. Installed it around the house, overseeing all the people that come and go on the streets.
The device is so hi-tech looking that if someone who’s not really familiar with it will drop he’s jaw in amazement! Even myself, I thought you can only buy those things on a secret market place. But apparently you can those at Ebay.

And also if you search the web you can find a number of companies offering surveillance and spy camera. One of which is Pakatak. Pakatak is one of the UK’s largest independent suppliers of surveillance and monitoring equitpment: for home & business security purposes, but also leisure and fun.

They have a wide variety of spy cameras, both wired and wireless. They have indoor and outdoor cameras. These High Quality CCD weatherproof outdoor camera with 30 built-in infrared night vision LED’s. The fixed visor/shelter helps minimize glare and reflection.

They have do-it-yourself package that anyone can easily install in whatever preference you want!

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  1. nicole says:

    that gadget that your talking about is coooll!!! hahaha.. thanks for dropping by my site. so nice of you.

  2. “Every Step You Take” is an excellent new documentary about video surveillance in Britain (it has just premiered at a film festival, coming to Britain / US soon):


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