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Money on the Internet, Get Your Share

I’m not kidding here. There are actually money on the internet and you can find it not just in one place. So if you know how to look, you most certainly will get it.

The two most popular way of earning extra bucks is through blogging and through viewing/click ads or filling up forms.

Money blogs in a little broader that the latter so we will move on with the second one.
Whoever says internet money is easy money… No, it’s not.

I’m talking about those internet marketing programs that you can find all over the internet. Although they are REAL and NOT scam, it will not make you a millionaire overnight.

What makes this hard is that, just like the real network marketing, besides doing some ‘little’ work you have to refer someone to make some more extra earnings.
Examples are Adbux, Hits4Pay, Clixsense, Crashcrate and others.

Please note though that some if not all requires a Paypal accout, create one now cause that’s the one way of receiving money. Anyway, Paypal is free.


For Adbux, the process is easy! You simply click a link and view a website for 30 seconds to earn money.
Earnings Example
You click 10 ads per day = $0.10!
10 referrals click 10 ads per day = $1.00!
Your weekly earnings = $7.70!
Your monthly earnings = $30.80!

The same is true with Clixsense, but it in Clixsense it’s only 25 seconds. That’s 5 seconds faster! :-)

But still, if you have many active referrals, those little cents will flow like rain flood after a storm. And that could mean lots and lots of coins! :-)

Alright, Hits4pay is a almost the same. You have to click an email with ads then after a few seconds, it will be credited to your account. The nice thing is you will be given a $10 bonus! Now, aint that nice?

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