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Which ‘Heroes’ are You?

Since Season 1 ended on Heroes, I really really miss the show… Remember the last episode? That was the best episode yet!

Because I love that show very much I’ve made special post just for “Heroes”…

Gagawin ko sana to sa 3rd party voting poll, but I didn’t… Mas gusto ko yung mga comment nyo.. hehehe.. Here are your choices

Hiro Nakamura Heroes

Hiro Nakamura – He can stop time as well as travel through space and time.

Claire Bennet Heroes

Claire Bennet – She is invulnerable. She cannot get hurt and can regenerate.

Matt Parkman Heroes

Matt Parkman – He can hear people’s thoughts. No can can ever tell a lie when he reads your though.

Nathan Petrelli  Heroes

Nathan Petrelli – He can fly faster that sonic boom.

Isaac Mendez Heroes

Isaac Mendez – He can draw and/or paint the future.

Jessica Nikki Heroes

Jessica/Nikki – She has super strength with a calmer alter ego Nikki

DL Hawkins Heroes

DL – He can make liquefy himself so he can pass through solid things

Peter Petrelli Heroes

Peter Petrelli – can copy someone else’s power just be being near them

Sylar Heroes

Sylar – He can absorb someone else’s power killing and opening their heads (yuckss)

Elizar Heroes

Elizar – He can snore. When he does, you can hear him 3 to 4 kantos away!

Now it’s time to cast your vote… The last one is disqualified for showing his hands in the picture… :)

25 Responses to “Which ‘Heroes’ are You?”

  1. rHo says:

    hindi ko makita yung pictures! :( at alam mo bang hindi ako napapanood nyang Heroes na yan.. Smallville lang ako! hehehe!!

    okay, kung ako ang papipiliin… i want to be Hero Nakamura! lolz… para kakaibang adventure naman! :)

  2. lois says:

    ahh.. c spiedrman.. heheh
    tinanong mo ko eh
    hay naku.. blog ng blog..
    wala ng panahong maligo..
    ligo k naman!!! ;-)

  3. tengots says:

    Dude, peter petrelli can retain the powers of those heroes whom he had contact with.

  4. Pepe says:

    Si Hiro Nakamura syempre….! Hero na mura pa he-he….! Joks onli, i always wanted to time travel kasi….! Thanks for the invitation Eli….! =)

  5. ghee says:

    ahhh,sila pala ang heroes mo..

    dito kasi,puro power rangers lang ang nakikita kong heroes,hehe..di ako makapanood talaga.

    i vote for Hiro!i wanna stop time,and travel and do what i wanna do,na hindi ko magawa dahil walang time,hehe.

  6. lois says:

    panget nung huli.. hehehehe

  7. jeffrey says:

    i was about to say i am hiro or peter till i saw ELIZAR… i think i also have the power to snore that loud… lol


  8. cha says:

    aw, i don’t watch Heroes pero if i were to choose among them i’ll choose Hiro Nakamura,,

  9. Avy says:

    I haven’t really had the chance to watch the whole season.. :(
    pero, I like that Asian dude who can stop time. hehe :P

  10. dangkin says:

    naku.. di kasi ako nanonood nyan e..

    pero base sa description mo, gusto ko si hiro.. dahil yun na nga..hero na, mura pa! ahihihihih!

  11. ann says:

    waahhh..di ko sila kilala…hehehe. Dun na lang ako sa last pix.

  12. MeL says:

    Hiro syempre! :)

  13. Elizar says:

    wow! great! parang landslide ah!

    Niro = 8 votes!
    Peter = 1 vote!
    Sylar = 1 vote!
    Elizar = 1 vote!

  14. mayee says:

    i have to say a mix of hiro and claire. love their powers. :)

  15. alma says:

    i don’t get to watch this show here kc may ibang pinapanood c mister :P

    i think i like Hiro. mukhang masarap mag time travel, di ba?

    ay ayoko ng last, malakas din mag snore si mister minsan at nahihirapan akong matulog. :D

  16. joy says:

    langya, nakita ko tuloy itsura ni sylar! spoiler hehe.

  17. malaya says:

    Gusto ko lahat yan meron ako. hehehe
    Seriously, tatlo e, si Hiro, Isaac and Matt.

  18. lady cess says:

    gusto ko kay matt :)

  19. tina says:

    di ko pa talaga ito napapanooodd :( huhu

  20. Rhenz says:

    Isaac Mendez.. woohoo.. draw d future.. i lyk it.. hahaha….

  21. Elizar says:

    Wow humahabol sina Isaac at Matt ah.. and Eli?.. talo! hehehe buti di kasali.. ;)
    (thanks pala sa bumoto sakin..hehehe)

    Niro = 11 votes!
    Isaac = 2 vote!
    Matt = 2 vote!
    Peter = 1 vote!
    Sylar = 1 vote!
    Claire = 1 vote!
    Elizar = 1 vote!

  22. kim says:

    love sylar and peter oh and the chick who takes any form, cant remember her name..she shudint have died! this programme is genious .. hope theirs plenty more seasons to come ..keep up the amazing stoylines, keep a hold of those actors all brilliant.

  23. kim says:

    and youd think all those abilities they have would be tacky and you wudnt b interested but these guys pull it off thats y o love it.. keeps you on the edge of your seat every epasoad.

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