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In my home entertainment stuff, that’s on the top of my list – an LCD HDTV with DVD.

I always see myself enjoying a nice long DVD movie. Watching it in this high-tech, crystal clear image, high definition TV.

I am actually in the market of buying one, you know with the apartment almost finish and we moving in. It’s nice to have those necessity appliance at home. I would want that, an HDTV with DVD player Combo. Imagine that, DVD integrated tV.

Nice eh? That is a Polaroid 26″ Silver HD LCD TV/DVD Combo – FXM2611C/ 1366 x 768 (480i/480p/720p/1080i) Resolution/ NTSC And High Definition ATSC Tuner/ Digital Noise Reduction/ Built-In Moveable DVD Disc Tray With 3 Different Positions/ HDMI Input/ Silver Finish… Available in Abtelectronics!For entertainment on-the-go aportable dvd player would fit the situation just fine! Also available on their site.

AbtElectronics.com is a leading retailer of quality consumer electronics and appliances. Our electronics store offers you the ability to shop for all your appliance and electronic product needs in one online store. BTW, they do have free shipping!

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  1. hdtv guy says:

    he he. That’s funny, I didn’t even know Polaroid made an HDTV. I did check the site your mentioned and they do have some better brands. Myself, I would recommend Samsung or Sony if you have the money to shell out.

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