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Online Backup, Online Storage

Now that is high technology in action.

Being in technology for several years now, I am one of those people who will truly appreciate such innovation.

Part of a System Administrator’s job is to secure important and confidential corporate/company data. He is the one responsible for backing up such files and making sure that everything will be back to normal and in smooth operation even after a catastrophe.

One of the Golden Rule of backing up is Backup media (of course the files inside) should be kept in a different location from where it was taken.. Now having an Online Backup is one way of satisfying that rule… With an added service of Online Storage.

When you search the web with ‘Online Backup Online Storage’ one company tops the list, IBackup.

IBackup is a leader in small business segment for online backup and has won several awards for its breadth of features and performance. Features include automated scheduled backup, easy to use GUI for data and schedule management, exchange and sql server backup and more.

Just perfect for a System Administrator like some of us.

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