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Japan is the Universe

Miss Japan, Riyo Mori, dancer from a village near Mount Fuji, was crowned Miss Universe 2007 in the recently concluded Ms. Universe Pagent…

A pagent with some controversy.. contest marked by protests, a banned dress and the withdrawal of one beauty queen on the ground the pageant degrades women.

Read the news here.. with all it’s controversy…

At least Ms. Photogenic tayo… hehehe

15 Responses to “Japan is the Universe”

  1. lady cess says:

    controversies?? hmm.. i didnt watch kasi.

    talaga ms photogenic tayo? galing.

  2. Theia says:

    I haven’t watched it on TV (pity me.. :[ ). Indeed, nabalitaan ko na may nagbackout daw taz may nadulas at nanalo for the second time ang isang japanese. Pinalabas nga ata sa ABS-CBN na ang pinakaunang asian na nanalo sa M. Universe ay isang Japanese. Wow, Ms. Photogenic? Lufet. :]

    Link ex po tau. :]

  3. marhgil says:

    record breaking na nga yung pagiging Ms. Photogenic ng Philippines… 7 times na, including a back-to-back and a three-peat (source: Wikipedia)
    magaling ang pinoy sa picture-an. hehe

  4. marhgil says:

    oopps.. wrong wikipedia link. ito dapat.

  5. herschelle says:

    nax! ms photogenic pala tayo! baka talagang vain ang mga pinoy! hehe

    btw, link exchange? :D

  6. Elizar says:

    yep ms. cess, photogenic talaga tayo.. and thanks to marhgil, according to guiness… satin ung record.. :)

    Thanks sa info Marhgil…

    Lufet di ba thea? .. ;)

  7. fingertalks says:

    wow! ms.f2genic! galing-galing.

    sayang i didn’t watch it on TV. baka meron na sa Utube.

  8. Elizar says:

    hahahha, most probably meron na un, fingertalk.. ;)

  9. aMgiNe says:

    muka ngang daming bumotong pinoy online eh. hehe

    offtopic: dude di mo pa pala ko nililink. =(

  10. Miss Philippines always gets the Miss Photogenic dahil camwhore tayong mga Pinoy.

    But oh well, hindi na rin masama. =)

  11. SexyMom says:

    i am never giving up hope–i know that soon, we will not only have another Ms Photogenic, but another Ms Universe as well.

  12. ria says:

    palagi na lang tayong ms. photogenic. kahit sino siguro kandidato natin mananalo hanggat adik ang mga pinoy sa internet =)

  13. tina says:

    may controversy pala? oo nga at least ms. photogenic ang pinas ahihi

  14. alma says:

    miss photogenic… na naman… ilang beses na yan. hanggang miss photogenic na lang ba tayo?

  15. Hi Eli! Just checking out your blog.

    Nakakatawa yung si Ms. USA nadapa!

    IMO mas ok yung Ms. Japan last year.

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