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On Our Way To The 41st!

Today is the day… We packed all out stuff in a box… and had it delivered up there!

Went there this morning before the pack up… we’ll start working here tomorrow…

Here’s the HSBC Bldg..

Hongkong Shanghai Banking Corporatin

Here’s the BPI Bldg…

BPI Banks

Let’s make it clear… we’re not working of HSBC nor in BPI… nasa loob ako ng PhilamLife Bldg dyan.. 41st! Nakakahilo! hehehe

One Response to “On Our Way To The 41st!”

  1. ann says:

    Parang di ko yata kakayanin na dyan mag work everyday, baka yun na lang iisipin ko maghapon na nasa 41st floor ako.

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