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LOST Heroes

Two of my favorite TV series just wrapped up their season this week! Heroes and Lost… Both shows aired 23 episodes. Heroes ends their first season last Monday ….

Heroes TV Show

…while LOST’s third season was Wednesday.

The shows was sooo good, I can’t wait for the next season!

Here’s how the season end…. WARNING…. If you’re watching these shows on Philippine TV, stop reading now!

For Heroes, Hiro’s friend, Ando, will try to kill Sylar himself… He hunt down Sylar to Isaac’s loft and almost got killed if Hiro hadn’t come and teleport the two of them in a safe place.
Mr. Bennette almost killed Molly (the Heroes Tracker) if Prof. Suresh hadn’t interfere. In the end she helped them locate Sylar. Matt Parker immediately went to also kill him but when he got there Sylar was gone. Matt saw a painting (drawn by Sylar), showing Sylar and Pete in front of the Bellagio hotel (?) where Prof. Suresh, Mr. Benette and Molly are located.

Meanwhile, after talking to Nathan (and found out that Nathan will allow the bomb to explode) Peter rush out to get Claire but she was gone.

In the hotel, Sylar met Peter. Peter then starts to get nuclear and getting ready to explode . In the middle of the fight, Hiro appears from nowhere and stab his samurai straight into Sylar’s heart. Sylar drop dead to the ground, while Peter struggles very hard to stop himself from exploding. He asked Hiro to kill him too. While he was getting ready to use his sword, Sylar , using his telekinesis power, throws Hiro heading to the building. Before you was smashed with the edifice’s walls, he teleported. Sylar drop dead, again.
By this time Claire arrived and Peter asked that she must kill him too. It’s the only chance they got, he says. Before Claire could pull the trigger, Nathan came swooping down from the sky. He told Peter that he will never leave his brother.

He then took Peter by the shoulder and flew! Few moments later a huge (nuclear) explotion was seen in the sky… (Volume 1 ends)
Meanwhile, Hiro appear somewhere in Japan…. in the middle of a war…. (Volume 2)…

3 Responses to “LOST Heroes”

  1. tina says:

    di ko binasa. hehe… :P i wanna watch that.. wala pa ngang time.. haha. by the way.. i just saw the bag of bones by stephen king since i remembered you recommending it to me.. i bought it . hehe

  2. I have only seen this show once! I need to buy the dvds and get caught up…

  3. Daniel says:

    I have to say, that I could not agree with you in 100% regarding LOST Heroes, but it’s just my opinion, which could be wrong :)

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