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Time To Upgrade My PDA/Phone

First of all I have no complains with my O2 XDA 2 Pocket PC.

But with all those great Pocket PC phones out there, my mouth waters just to look at the pictures. And to think that I was just checking at bidshot, auction.ph and ebay.

Also checked the phone WireFly. From the website you can view the phones offered by brand (like LG, Motorola, Nokia etc), or by Carrier (Nextel phones, Sprint cell phones, T-Mobile etc) even by pre-paid phones.

WireFly is a web site for cell phones from every carrier. This site has better selection and prices than you’ll find in any retail store! It offers cash rebate. It also has lots of promos like great deals on upgrade and a free bluetooth. You can check out their website here fo other promos and offers.

Checking T-mobile’s offers for example, they offer free phone for new subscriber plus as much as $100 rebate!

Right now, I can see Cingular BlackJack i607 as a candidate for my new PDA/Phone.

Go check  yours now!

One Response to “Time To Upgrade My PDA/Phone”

  1. tina says:

    woot. gadgets. id love to be updated… in this area… and have my own pda. muwahaha

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