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Roman Blinds

With the new apartment almost finish, furnitures are being moved and ordered and other home stuff are prepared, looks like we are ready to move! All the things we need are in place. All we need are the blinds.

Search a couple of sites before I finally stay and browse in Terry’s Fabrics.

Terry’s Fabric offers a wide selection of window blinds, curtain and related accessories. They have different kinds of curtains, blinds and accessories like blind rollers, poles and hooks. They also have stuff for bedding, lighting, rugs, tiebacks and tussles.
As mentioned, they have many kinds of curtain fabrics:

Chenile & Woven

Childrens Fabrics

Silk and Tafetta

and others….
The one my wife intends to buy are the blinds. And the website also have different kinds of blinds: Roller Blinds, Roman Blind, Venetian Blinds, Vertical Blinds and Wooden Blinds.

The most common blinds perhaps are the Venetian blinds.. but what caught my attention are the Roman blinds.

Roman Blinds

Personally, I don’t know Roman blinds. For me all blinds are the same. But when I browsed to that site and found out about it, it look very simple yet elegant.

Roman Blinds can be easily placed in clear window either sunlight on the morning or at sunset. They are easily raised and lowered by pulling or releasing cords

Check out the picture of Roman blinds here to appreciate.

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