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List Your Blog in the Top Blog Directories

Hello there fellow bloggers! Another way of promoting your blogs is to include it in a Blog directories! Pero kung isasama nyo sya, better do it in the top site of Alexa… (nadala ko sa Alexa Train eh.. hehehe)
Below you will find the top 15 Blog Directories, ordered according to their Alexa rank. Also inserted the Pagerank of each directory on the list to make it more detailed. Enjoy! (Found this at SponsoredReviews.com… Head over there for  the complete list)

Blog Directory Pagerank Alexa
Yahoo Blog Directory
5 1
DMOZ 6 316
https://www.blogcatalog.com/ 7 4821
https://blogflux.com/ 7 5350
https://blogs.botw.org/ 6 7501
https://www.geekyspeaky.com/links/ 5 13431
https://www.blogpulse.com/index.html 7 23826
https://www.blogdigger.com/index.html 7 29593
https://www.blogarama.com/ 7 33807
https://www.bloghop.com/ 6 46602
https://www.blogrankings.com/ 7 54862
https://www.blogtoplist.com/ 6 58187
https://www.findory.com/blogs/ 5 12610
https://www.bloggernity.com/ 6 46840
https://www.bloggeries.com/ 6 6227

7 Responses to “List Your Blog in the Top Blog Directories”

  1. amore says:

    This list is incomplete.. why my blog is not included here?

    http://www.gandacious.com has a page rank of 8 and alexa rating of 1…. that’s my dream though bwhahhahaha

  2. palaboy says:

    hey, nice list you have here! grab ko to!

  3. Elizar says:

    yep yep, this is truly a nice list.. but i still haven’t listed mine to any of them..

  4. blogadeur says:

    yung blog ko zero pa rin google page rank… dont’ know why.

    any idea?

  5. Good Credit says:

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  6. joy says:

    eli, I’ll grab this ha, will post on my blog. will link you back

  7. eli says:

    sure joy! thanks!

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