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Stair Lifts

Stair Lifts, that was the gadget I need few days ago, the day I couldn’t even climb our own 3-steps stairs.

Who says that only our grandparents over 65 or more can use this? Others that have joints and bones problems can use this, those with disabilities, heck even me sometimes. Anyone who has problem moving around the home.

I found different kinds of stair lifts at Value Stair Lifts. The first time I saw these kinds of device was on a movie, forgot the tittle but I think it’s a Bond movie.

Anyway, the website show different kinds of stairlifts.

The Straight Super Glide Stair lift

Outdoor Stairlift Superglide

Curved Stairlift

There are also a standing stairlift and a conditioned stairlift..

The company has a variety of models for the stairlifts… They even also have an after-sales support.

5 Responses to “Stair Lifts”

  1. MeL says:

    Mukhang mahal ito a!

  2. dzoi says:

    pst eli, marami bang opps sa smorty? and kada kelan sila nagbabayad?

  3. Ira Flores says:

    We’re looking for a dealer for these stairlifts here in the country as we would like to purchase a set for our company. Can you recommend any? Thank you. Ira

  4. nor says:

    i’m looking for a stairlift for my dad, can u please email me your contacts? thanks

  5. Elizar says:

    Hi nor, there are links on my post.. check it out.

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