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PinoyBanda.com is Up

The new domain is up!

Registered it last Friday. Got the username/password today…

Ginawa siguro during the weekend. Propagate pa sya sa web, but maybe tomorrow or this week, visible na sya… but not yet index sa mga search engines… Your help is needed. :)

The site is up, but I’m still putting stuffs in there… So, if you have time visit it at;


Thanks thanks!

5 Responses to “PinoyBanda.com is Up”

  1. tina says:

    wow saw it. cant wait anong laman ahihihi

  2. marhgil says:

    ano kayang laman nyan? rakrakan na! ;)

  3. Elizar says:

    na-pressure ako bigla ah.. hehehe.. pinupuno na ng mga laman.. hehehe

  4. ghee says:

    uy,congrats to your domain!!usong uso ba talaga? lol!
    by the way,i will link this up,pls link up my other sites,too. :)

    Creative Mind


    have a nice week ahead!!

  5. ghee says:


    genuinity..,maturity pala..

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