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Cool Online Backup!

I know this has happened to you… You’re working on you file, you’ve made lots of changes then the hard disk just crash. You’ve just lost your important files, not to mention all your mp3s and your memorable picture (from the day you graduated from college up to yesterdays dinner party)

What a drag!

That is what they meant by ‘backup regularly’! Take a copy of your important files and save it somewhere else. You can put it on a diskette. If it’s size is several megabytes or several hundred bytes you could use a CDR(W) or for the most extreme case (for personal computer not the a workstation in a corporate network) a DVD.

But for backing up small important files, don’t you find it a hassle to carry around a diskette or a CD with you everywhere you go where you’ll be needing the file? Yes it is!

Here is one cool solution to that problemo, mio! The IDrive-R!

IDrive-E is a leading Online Backup service provider for encrypted online backups. Best of all it is FREE! Yes sir! You heard it right! FREE! Capital F..R.. free! Up to 2GB (of course you could always get the unlimited on for just a small change of $4.95

IDrive-R is easy to use, fast and secure. You can access it anywhere in the globe that has internet connection!
No need to worry where to store those important sales presentation, those document that the boss always look for. Life will be much, much better!

2 Responses to “Cool Online Backup!”

  1. karla stefan says:

    hahaha this is cool! :) i’ll get one when i have time :)

    linked you already :)

  2. alma says:

    carrying cd’s/dvd’s around is sure a hassle. Idrive is a good idea but you need an internet conneciton.

    USB flash drives in key chain forms are becoming cheaper now and are available in 5 Gig or maybe even larger. That would be a lot easier to carry and your file would always be available.

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