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Squid Proxy Server

Update on the InnerChild Computer Shop: It is doing good! :)

We’ve been monitoring its performance for the past 3 months now, going on its 4rth. And according to the records, it’s earning a few pesos. :)

The service that has the largest part of the pie is the Online games. Next one is internet and chat. There are a few printing and typing jobs but those are as seldom as rain in the dessert.. :)

Having said that, it is pretty obvious that most of the customer of Innerchild are kids (yes I know, kinukuha namin allowance nila, bakasyon naman eh)… And as customer I have to take care of them….

I need to setup a proxy server for the internet connection… Why?

Because we do have some older, more matured young boys are browsing more matured website. Not sure if that’s intentional or just a pop up advertisement, but either way, kids may see those and that’s not good.

We got to have a way to control which website are banned. Will install squid as soon as I find time.

visit my other proxy server

Facebook Proxy server

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