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My Dream Date… Not July 16

Good news to every guy out there! (or girls)… Who’s you’re favorite Hollywood star? What if I told you that you can date your favorite star? Would that be awesome? Sure it would!

Take me for example, I’m a big fan of Matthew Perry (that Chandler guy in FRIENDS), but I don’t want to date him, (though I would like to see him in person)… Anyway, I have seen most, if not all, of his movies and one of those is Serving Sara! His leading lady for that movie(well not really) was Mirelly Taylor! She is so hot and sexy! (Now, if you put ‘hot’ and ‘sexy’ in one sentence, that’s burning baby!) Even since, I’ve been wanting to see her in person!

Now, you can see lots and lots of Free videos at GoFish.com, and guys at GoFish are the ones who will give you a chance to date you favorite celebrity, and in my case Mirelly Taylor!

The contest goes like this… check out Mirelly’s videos at GoFish to find out what she’s looking for in a man. If you feel that you’re the one she’s looking for, all you have to do is create you own video and submit it to GoFish. Once it’s up there, probably Mirelly can see it and laughs at you… I mean, love you.. Check her out in her video here:

To save you some time, I had a chance to chat with Mirelly (how I wish!) and found out that she likes a good kisser, a good dancer and has the sexiest pickup line (well, too bad for me)… So go grab your camera and create one and have a chance to win that dream date! (or you could just continue dreaming)

2 Responses to “My Dream Date… Not July 16”

  1. tina says:

    huwaaat naka chat mo xa? ameeyyyzzing!

  2. Elizar says:

    hehehe, joke lang tina.. :)

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