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Ashley Judd’s Newest Movie – Bugs

Ashely Judd for me is one of the most talented artist in Hollywood today. She has a face and some sort of an aura that doesn’t seem to fade. She’s as beautiful and as fresh from the first time I saw her in the movie A Time To Kill with Matthew McCounaughey (I also love her in Someone Like You).

Throughout her career she has portrait different character in movies. From romantic comedy of Someone Like You to an action/thriller Double Jeopardy.

But have you ever seen her in ‘one of them most horror movies imaginable‘? Well here’s is you chance!

In this bug movie Ashely Judd together with Michael Shannon and Harry Connick, Jr. stars in the motion picture BUG. This is very different from the 3D bug movie you’ve seen in the past. This is in no way for children!
Ashley Judd has so far been a very versatile actress with that I’m sure this will be the most talk about movie this season. Title alone makes you think of what sorts of thing will the characters will face to. How gruesome and thrilling each scene will be. If you would look at the movie poster, you can see Ashley’s face, those mysterious eyes. The dark themed poster certainly gives a hint that this movie has the fright and thrill a movie goer is after.
Check out the movie trailer and see for yourself(thanks yutube). “They live in your blood…. And they feed on you brain….” … How scary is that?!

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